A report on cushings syndrome

Case Presentation A 26 year-old woman with diagnosis of orofacial granulomatosis was referred for the evaluation of possible Cushing's syndrome.

Currently we are following her biannually with blood and urine test hormonal and generaland annually with a pituitary MRI.

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Differential diagnosis includes cyclic Cushing's, characterized by periodic fluctuations of cortisol secretion. Because cortisol hypersecretion comes from the adrenal glands, in selected cases usually in very ill patients who have not responded to other therapiessurgical removal of the adrenal glands can be considered.

The presumed cause of these neuropsychiatric symptoms in CS is chronic glucocorticoid-induced damage to the brain and the hippocampus.

Local testing showed the following results: Laboratory testing showed urine-free cortisol values of,and normal is less than J Clin Endocrinol Metab. She was to continue this dose until 2 days before her follow up visit at which time she was instructed to hold the medication.

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However, her adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH levels were low: the early a. In this case, after psychiatric consultation death of her boyfriend was noted. References J. Although scintigraphy requires a 5-to7-day interval after iodocholesterol injection, this non-invasive functional test can be added to virtually any diagnostic evaluation without interfering with other studies.

Case Description: A year-old female who developed symptoms of Cushing's about one and a half years prior to her visit at a large teaching hospital in the Mid-Atlantic. Mary Lee Vance.

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Case report: Patient presenting with Cushing's disease