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And so they "beat her with their guns, pushed her to the ground and kicked, punched and whipped her. To this day, the government claims that only 10, people have died in Darfur.


The historical competition for land between ethnic groups, now exacerbated by environmental factors; the longstanding tensions between the center of Sudan and its western edge; the infusion of weapons and Arab supremacism from Qaddafi in the north; the brutality of the men who ran the NIF to the east; the impending arrival of a peace deal in the south—all these factors had brought the African tribes of Darfur to a terrible moment in their history. Ask your professors, read up on the historical factors that led to the event, and read from a number of different sources. Media and Policy Mass media—whether it be newspaper articles, social media posts, billboards, or radio broadcasts, influence the way we, as humans, think and act. No wonder most members of my generation kept their distance, preferring to view activism as a relic from their parents' youth. The work of diplomats certainly has its place in international politics; but how could mere mediators, no matter how "sensitized," ever deliver peace when one of the negotiating parties was in the process of carrying out mass murder? In this way, it is important to encourage and inspire informed activism by educating those willing to join your cause. This is especially true for events that take place in non-Western countries. Unlike many journalists and activists who were able to travel only in rebel-held territory, Blaker, because she worked for a humanitarian organization, went everywhere. What should we have done instead? The soldiers beat Asiya and then — according to both sisters who were interviewed separately — pulled Mariam off her back and laughingly checked to see if she was a boy or a girl.

In retrospect, this seems delusional. In the chaos that attended the British takeover, Ali Dinar, heir to the Fur sultanate, seized power in Darfur and reached a deal with the British under which Darfur would be independent once again. Making our voice known on issues we care about is one way that we are able to get involved with politics.

It is not enough for that constituency to demand that the government act.

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Steidle and Blaker knew little about Sudan before they went to Darfur on essentially humanitarian missions. While the killing and the ethnic cleansing no longer take place at the feverish pace at which they once did, the genocide continues to this day.

Many were uncomfortable with the use of force. Ocampo grew up in Argentina, and he explains that his country's "dirty war" helped to shape his faith in the power of the law.

War correspondents, high school reporters investigating unsanitary conditions in the school cafeteria, and everyone in between—all are acting on the idea that injustice will be remedied if only it is exposed. It is a terrible thing to admit, but the more information we consume about Darfur, the less shocking each piece of new information seems.

Although Blaker does not say so, anecdotes like these make her book probably the most damning account to date of what many observers have termed "genocide by attrition"—the Sudanese government's policy of killing off African tribes not by marching them into gas chambers, but by disrupting their livelihoods and then systematically denying them access to the medical and humanitarian help they need to survive.

Similarly, it is important that we inspire those on-the-ground in the conflict area. It is hardly unique to Darfur.

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