An analysis of the mint and garlic practical aim of the experiment for the antibacterial properties

Open each Petri dish and use a ruler to work out the zone of inhibition for each paper disc.

Why do they put mint in toothpaste would garlic be better

Uneven bacteria growth random error — ensure same lighting conditions used by keeping cultures under a lamp. Any given antiseptic is usually more effective against some microbes than others. Most helpful essay resource ever! Repeat this process for the mint extract solution. Start with distilled water then move through the plant extracts, working from most dilute to most concentrated. Allow each disc to dry. Open each Petri dish and use a ruler to work out the zone of inhibition for each paper disc.

For detailed safety information on the use of micro-organisms in schools and colleges, refer to Basic Practical Microbiology — A Manual BPM which is available, free, from the Society for General Microbiology email education sgm. Use the sterile forceps to place all 4 discs of each type of extract onto their corresponding Petri dish.

See Standard technique Making a pour plate.

snab biology garlic and mint

Procedure 1 Agar plates seeded with suitable bacteria need to be prepared. Remove them with sterile forceps. Let us know!

Antibacterial properties of menthol

Bacterial growth on an agar plate looks cloudy. This will act as a negative control to see if the bacteria die regardless of plant material being used. Antibacterial chemicals Plants are susceptible to infection by bacteria and fungi; they do everything to repel such attacks. See Standard technique Making a pour plate. Evaluation Points: Contamination of microbes random error — use improved aseptic techniques. Human secretions such as sweat and tears also contain lysozyme which has antibacterial properties. Make any appropriate measurements that will enable you to compare the antibacterial properties of the different plant extracts. Shake the mixture occasionally for 10 minutes. A piece of squared paper under the agar plate might be helpful here. Recognised educational suppliers should provide safe strains. The method could be used to compare the efficacy of a range of antimicrobials in personal hygiene products toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorants , disinfectants for domestic use, or in extracts from plant materials such as garlic, herbs, spices and essential oils.

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garlic antimicrobial mechanism

You can probably guess why there is mint in toothpaste, but would garlic be better? These microbes present the minimum risk given good practice.

Allow them to dry on an open, sterile Petri dish, next to a lit Bunsen burner to create an updraught to limit aerial contamination.

antimicrobial properties of garlic

Decide how you would take precise measurements to enable you to make valid conclusions from the data.

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