An examination of the solution to teenage pregnancy the distribution of condoms in public high schoo

Secondary School Student, F, Gasabo. A few of the more important expert statements about SBC ineffectiveness are shown in Figure Families can participate in traditional activities in the community to build closer relationships WHO, This is stressed by Lo, Lowe and Bendavidwho suggest that abstinence has not been effective as an only method to promoting reproductive health among youth in sub-Saharan Africa [ 25 ].

Youth are considered to be underage to be sexually active and providing them with condoms is considered as a lack of societal norms and would mean that parents have failed their education responsibilities towards their children. Supply them with derogatory material about people who might be concerned about the program and who might voice any objections whatever.

This will help to protect them against any negative outcomes of unprotected sex and eventually reduce school dropouts that result from teen pregnancy. However, these same key persons saw that community members took no role in the aforementioned activity.

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why condoms should not be distributed in schools
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Based on the perceptions of community stakeholders,