Apollo 13 leadership

The story is a well known one, second only to the Apollo 11 mission and still resonates for the actions that occurred over the next week as all involved worked to bring the crew home alive.

NASA trained and trained and trained. Look for leadership examples in this movie clip.

apollo 13 successful failure

Every time. The far better known disaster that befell the crew occurred two days later when the crew stirred the oxygen and hydrogen tanks onboard the ship, causing a short in a wire, thus detonating the tank, causing damage to the Service Module.

If we raised our voices, I submit it was justified.

Apollo 13 leadership

Have Right Prioritization and Astute Decision Making Process Prioritization is also very important and plays a key role in life and death situations you don't have a chance especially when you have a mindset of Failure is not an option. Making Fast, Accurate Decisions Kranz listened to people and encouraged different viewpoints. Iwo Jima, following splashdown in the South Pacific. Without the belief that it could be done, a clear plan, and, crucially, the confidence that this plan could be carried out, the Apollo 13 crew would not have survived. The navigation problem had to be solved; essentially how, when and in what attitude to burn the LM descent engine to provide a quick return home. The foundation of this success lay in the single positive belief that a huge challenge could be overcome. Apollo 13 brought out the best in mankind at its darkest moment. This was filmed beautifully by Ron Howard. The entire team works on a sleepless schedule to build a new procedure that brought them back home.

Successful because almost every single person who worked for NASA pulled together in an astounding feat of teamwork to save the crew. For an in depth description of the Apollo 13 mission, see this Wikipedia article.

apollo 13 situational leadership

Haise, Jr. The astronauts observed a problem with the power supply and the loss of a significant quantity of the oxygen supply held in the storage tanks.

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