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It helps me to view that rough draft as a slab of meat I will carve tomorrow.

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Again, the goal here is to not think and just start writing. After all, to write and publish a book is no small task. More than fifty fiction and nonfiction authors share how they discovered they were writers and how they work.

Writing a book for the first time

Will this book help me advance my career or become an expert in my field? Even if I did, I lacked the mental discipline to do it. So, put your work out there, fail early, and try again. Nobody has to see your answers, so be as honest as you can. Then you stop and reread what you just wrote. I find it helpful to set a target word count for my writing sessions. If you strategize the progression of your points or steps in a process—depending on nonfiction genre—you should be able to eliminate the strain in the middle chapters.

Your job will feel a lot easier if you get yourself a chainsaw. I started by reading dozens of books about creativity, writing and productivity over the course of a year before deciding to tackle this topic. The Four-Hour Work Week falls in this range.

Best books on writing nonfiction

You need to learn skills like writing the first draft, self-editing, arranging your ideas and so on. Books are made up of chapters, sections, paragraphs and sentences. But there are some ways that are easier, faster, and more successful than others. You could learn more in just those two books than in an entire college writing course. It happens in three phases: Beginning: You have to start writing. Remember, a perfect writing atmosphere varies from one author to another. But any writer will benefit from this great resource. It may sound silly, but acknowledging yourself as a writer can give you the confidence to keep going and finish your book.

Getting from page one to The End is a long race, and it sometimes gets lonely, but the hard work will pay off.

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How to Write a Book: 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps