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Our locations and focus will expand as we add new consultants to our talent pool.

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Branding Positioning The strategy should align with your company's vision, branding efforts and product life cycle. To use the product strategy to proactively manage your product, you should review and adjust it on a regular basis — I recommend once a quarter as a rule of thumb.

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However, the template also has interactive form fields throughout where you can enter information as you work through the checklist. Research other businesses in your niche, read case studies and success stories, research the market and keep an eye on the latest industry trends.

This also allows for you to operate in an agile manner even though you have a detailed plan to follow. They will not be expected to close sales, but will be expected to represent our products in a competitive atmosphere. A great strategy starts with a clear product plan, a vision, and a canvas that explains how customer and market forces shape the product's direction.

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With only three to four founders, CSG is unable to handle more than one or two projects at a time. Why does this goal matter? As you write this section of your plan, look at what methods work best for your most successful competitors. Analyze the market and its growth rate. Does it match your other needs and efforts? Determine how you plan to achieve these objectives and which resources are needed. The revenue potential of CSG is gated solely by the founders need to provide a constant income while filling the pipeline of the firm. Consider any challenges that may arise along the way. Every product strategy will be different based on the needs of the business in question. In order to serve an enterprise segment, it needs to be able to demonstrate that the company is well run and its security levels are high.

Use an example of a strategic marketing plan include product, promotion, price and place to define strategic planning of your product effectively.

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Build Your Product Strategy: An Action Plan Template