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This is especially important if you are trying to market your small restaurant locally.

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These customers may occupy a prime table or utilize key space during a busy time for the shop. It will put you streets ahead of the competition in the boutique market. If it does not work, go on another tack. There are literally hundreds of ways you can market online and as most cost nothing whatsoever … or very little … you should think carefully before spending too much on this. Most businesses have a creative person within the walls who can use a computer and design and lay out a poster. Include menu changes and informative cooking tips and offers. Your regular customers will carry the punch card daily, and you never know what new customer may see it! It is a quick and easy way to see where they are located and to see what reviews they have — ideal if you are a stranger to the area.

This page would appear each time a customer logs onto your free Wi-Fi network. Use up selling of products, like a large coffee versus a regular size.

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Pay attention to customer feedback: Make your customers feel more connected with your brand, by following through on their feedback. Source SEO To market your coffee shop successfully on search engines, you need to pay a lot of attention to search engine optimisation SEO. Either that, or lots of coffee shops are missing out on the opportunity. Coffee shops have seen success by offering free refills on both a daily or weekly basis. Of course, the upfront price for such a promotion would fluctuate based on the amount of time the customer has to take advantage of the bottomless mug. They get a fair amount of love on Twitter. For one week, offer a discount to your Facebook friends, and during the next week, send a freebie to your followers on Instagram. Once you have their contact details you can also send out special offers throughout the year …….. Does it describe your business and offer correctly? Once you have their details you can contact them regularly with offers. A combo meal is a great way to encourage customers to spend more at the register. This is probably because using social media is time-consuming, and most small shops operate using skeleton crews.

Therefore, once you commit to a regular promotion, see it through. Google likes photos.

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Nearly every restaurant gives free chocolates with the bill, but how many give a flower to the ladies. Depending on your theme, using Emoji is a great way to draw attention to important words or phrases in your caption. Starbucks had the insight that customers were glued to their smartphones when queueing up to order, and then had to put them away to reach for their wallets and loyalty cards.

Alyssa Steele from The Bean Pedaler, a craft coffee store strongly recommends offering free samples outside your shop.

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These customers are already in your shop; therefore, this marketing tool should not target potential or new customers but encourage current customers to make additional purchases, return for a future visit or simply spend time engaged with your brand.

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