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Meme — In this day and age, why not have everyone dress up like their favorite meme?

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Classic Toga Party The toga theme is a perennial campus favorite, and unless there's another toga party traditionally held on your campus, it's a no-brainer.

What Happens In Vegas — Play poker and get drunk all night long.

Rhyming party themes

American Horror Story — Tell everyone to dress up as a character from their favorite season. It is a good idea for American big cities, where all addresses start with a 4-digit number. Hello, Kardashians! Then, have your guests come dressed as zombies! People have to get dressed up, but the catch is they cannot wear real clothes. What are you going to do? Quentin Tarantino or James Bond movies, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and Austin Powers are just a few ideas for movie-themed parties that call for awesome costumes. Derby Days — Have everyone wear the biggest, most ridiculous hat they can find. The same could be said for World of Warcraft or even classic games like Zelda or Super Mario Brothers; each can bring out the best of everyone in attendance. Visiting such type of a party, you do not need to guess if it is a good idea to offer a cocktail to the approaching beauty in green outfit. People can choose the simple whiskers-drawn-on-the-face or go all-out in a mascot costume.

Check out these college party themes for some ideas that will stand out and attract a crowd. Again, everything except for cups is welcome.

Unique college party themes

You don't even have to go all out with this one. At a Stoplight party, people wear designated colors to tell if they are in a relationship, or not. It's all up to you, and it will be great seeing everyone's unique costume! It is so much fun to see what insane outfits your friends can come up with. Students wear the clothes they prefer to meet the end of the world and take the things that might help to cope with the problem. Wear the costume of your favorite cartoon character and you are welcome to the party. Others would bring mirror, toothpaste and toothbrush, matches, water or alcohol. Check out these college party themes for some ideas that will stand out and attract a crowd.

Duck Calls And Overalls — Ask your guests to dress up like they are about to go duck hunting. Luau Your reaction Thank you! And it saves you the trouble of flirting with someone who is in a relationship.

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The funniest and craziest is the outfit — the better!

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27 ACTUALLY Unique College Party Themes