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This approach allowed the membership to engage in open discussions without being reserved about honestly voicing their opinions, which sometimes happens in the presence of political leaders or administrative staff. Indigenous control over health and well-being is not only recognized in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, but it has also been demonstrated in numerous studies to result in better health outcomes.

Vancouver Island Regional Library. Planned Results. Despite recent historical investments in Indigenous infrastructure through Budget and there is still much work to be done on reserve.

There is relatively non-prescriptive guidance offered to sectors, allowing them the flexibility to adapt planning processes to their own operations. First Nation and Inuit individuals and communities are healthier In —, the Department will work with First Nation and Inuit partners to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities through the ongoing implementation of Budget investments.

The audit was to include an examination of the full planning cycle forincluding how the results of business plans were incorporated into business plans and how results of business plans were compiled and incorporated into business plans.

In —, the Department will move forward on shared priorities for Indigenous governance. Over the planning period, the Department will focus on the following key initiatives: Continue to make progress on the Prime Minister's commitment to eliminate long-term drinking water advisories on public systems on reserve by Knowledge and expertise is also varied, depending on the professional backgrounds of planning personnel and sector management.

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The need for streamlined processes was considered particularly important in light of the reduction in sector staffing levels that accompanied DRAP. However, this inherently leads to challenges of consistency, which can become compounded in the face of turnover among key personnel.

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