Czar nicholas death signals revolt for plotters

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They had been instigated by several officers who belonged to a secret group, probably affiliated with the Northern Society. The official theory was that the men had acted out of an excess of loyalty to the throne. Few units could be counted upon with any degree of assurance. Eventually their ideals became a dominant element of Russian political thought. The czars are accursed of God, the Catechism declares, for they have robbed the people of freedom, and without liberty there can be no happiness. For over three weeks the country was 'in the strange predicament,' as the London Times put it, 'of having two self-denying Emperors, and no active ruler. One of the reasons why the Northerners had felt compelled to act was the belief that the Southern Society was certain to come out into the open. To many the enterprise now seemed utterly mad, or, worse still, ludicrous.

Impossible to make any but the scantiest preparations. No other troops rallied to the cause.

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It was decided to continue on their way back to Vasilkov. Kakhovsky pictured feelingly the lamentable condition of the country and suggested that in his place the Emperor himself would have embraced the revolution.

By pretending to defend the very essence of the old order, Zavalishin was to observe in retrospect, they had robbed the undertaking of meaning. Ten days later a battalion of infantry garrisoned in the town of Bryansk, central Russia, refused to swear allegiance to Nicholas, shouting 'Hurrah for Emperor Constantine!

Hello Colin, I have no idea why the Peruvian consulate told you you need a business visa. Pushed by the hand of chance, they fought, however ineptly and ineffectually, the opening skirmish in Russia's battle for democracy -- the end of which seems further off than ever.

Later on there was talk of assassinating Grand Duke Constantine on his way to Taganrog, where the Emperor lay ill.

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The officers spent the night making plans, while the commander was chiefly occupied putting finishing touches to a composition entitled The Orthodox Catechism. Colonel Bulatov, the Dictator's deputy, was assigned to seize the Fortress of Peter and Paul -- its guns covered the Palace and the centre of the city. In reply the youths were thanked for their 'noble intention' and advised 'to spare themselves for future exploits. But it was too late to withdraw. Some students face many problems by doing do my composition business plan writing assignments, and it. And they bequeathed to posterity a heroic legend, as the defeated not seldom do. Actually it remained quiescent. But he did not cease to regret his past. The story goes that one private said that he was all for a republic, but, he asked, 'Who is going to be our czar? After much debating a plan was half-heartedly agreed upon. The date was a strictly guarded secret. They were, by and large, perceptive, patriotic, public-spirited young men, but impulsive and unstable, with an enthusiasm for freedom and justice, half genuine feeling, half rhetoric. During these decisive December days the Northern Society developed a feverish activity. It was turned down by the directorate of the Society. The conspirators apparently went on the assumption that the Government would yield before it came to a show of force.

The privates and, for that matter, the populace that milled around them were perhaps not entirely in the dark regarding the real objectives of the uprising.

More troops had arrived on the Square, but had drifted away, discouraged by the confusion in the ranks. The active membership did not exceed sixty, and the foothold the Society had secured in the army and navy was exceedingly precarious.

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