Describe your academic or career goals for nurse

One of my most important goals is to attain core characteristics that define a successful nurse. In addition to years of business and management experience, she has more than 20 years of experience writing for a variety of online and print publications.

My past academic performance, as well as my personal qualities, provides the foundation for my career.

nursing professional goals statement

By this I mean to understand the rationale behind everything I do. Having years of experience working at various health care facilities, I'm very comfortable working in a health care setting.

I'm planning to achieve my goals by working part time and going to school full time in order for me to have enough time to study and excel in my academic areas.

These are crucial qualities that I hope to attain as a nurse and important goals to conform to throughout my years as a registered nurse. It is also a goal of mine to be a competent nurse.

Nursing career goals and aspirations

Discuss any training and certification you have completed or plan to do to make you more valuable in the position. Your resume objective is your opportunity to shine. With these goals of attaining important qualities, continually learning, and volunteering, I hope to acquire the characteristics needed to provide my patients satisfaction with their care. Resource: American Nurses Association, Furthermore, nursing will allow me the flexibility to have a family. Seeking a growing or new medical practice to help build effective healthcare for all patients. Ready to use my administrative skills and thorough sense of detail for a nursing management position. Professional Goals Of Nursing Essay Like many of us, choosing nursing as a career was brought on by past experiences that made me appreciate the field and its merits.

Fifth, I want to have good relationships with my colleagues. I stay positive no matter what that I know as long as I strive for my goal it will happen. When you can answer those questions, you're on the path to writing a resume objective that will land you the nursing job of your dreams.

5 10 year nursing goals

My second goal is to commit myself to lifelong learning. Some aim to work in pediatric nursing, while others want to do trauma work. Develop Interpersonal Skills.

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My Professional Goals of Nursing