Discoveries in chemistry and physics

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In the s, it was announced that the smallpox vaccine had essentially been eradicated. And yet what really has challenged the imagination is that here is a superconductor that goes at a temperature above liquid nitrogen and is therefore very useful. Many people brought their children to be inoculated and even the Royal Family had their children inoculated, only after the condition that six prisoners would be inoculated first.

Discoveries in chemistry and physics

Chemistry for Kids Famous Chemists Scientists who specialize in the area of chemistry are called chemists. Carbon nanotubes were first discovered in , when a pair of Soviet scientists published research on the phenomenon. Radioactivity In the s and early s, Marie and Pierre Curie worked with uranium ore, extracting the uranium from it and experimenting with it and studying it. Aristotle did not agree with the theory that everything was made up of small particles. Successful Synthesis of Taxol Taxol is a chemical compound that was first discovered in in the bark of the Pacific Yew tree by researchers looking for drugs to treat cancer patients; subsequent research showed that, as had been suspected, the compound was highly effective in treating many forms of cancer. She also discovered the elements polonium and radium. The prize announcement provoked some controversy among physicists, partly because of its quickness and partly because of the omission of Ching-Wu Chu of the University of Houston, who, with Maw-Kuen Wu of the University of Alabama, discovered a still-warmer superconductor in February.

When his former lab assistant, Merlin Pryce, came by to talk to Fleming, Fleming began talking about all of the added work that he was doing lately. Description of Surface Chemistry The fundamentals behind basic chemistry that take place on surfaces, such as what causes iron to rust, have been understood for a long time.

They studied it intensely, but it never occurred to them to test it for superconductivity. But LSD was not invented as a way for people to get high.

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They have an extremely high structural integrity, and are often incorporated in modern carbon fiber materials. The unit for measuring radioactivity, the Curie, is named after her and her husband Pierre. Smallpox Vaccine The smallpox vaccine may have been one of the most important chemistry discoveries in the history of mankind.

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