Dramatic irony and the use of light and darkness in sophocles oedipus

Dramatic irony and the use of light and darkness in sophocles oedipus

The contrast between trust in the gods' oracles and trust in intelligence plays out in this story like the contrast between religion and science in nineteenth- century novels. And at the end of the play, Oedipus will leave Thebes an old blind man, using a cane. The curse is painfully ironic: I pray to God - I pray that that man's life be consumed in evil and wretchedness. While in the process of finding King Laius' murderer, Oedipus finds out that he killed King Laius and that he should have look for himself the whole time. In Western theatre it is a genre that presents a heroic or moral struggle of an individual that leads to his or her ultimate defeat or misfortune. The future can never be known. Many contrasts are done through numerous allusions to the light and dark side of each situation to portray the duality of everything that happens and is predestined to happen.

Each time a character tries to avert the future predicted by the oracles, the audience knows their attempt is futile, creating the sense of irony that permeates the play.

With the amount of similarities between the two plays Shakespeare must have been inspired by Oedipus and Sophocles when he was writing Othello. He also, is too proud to listen to the gods.

Indeed, the tragic irony of Oedipus terrifies everyone who really thinks it over. Situational Irony is the occurrence of something not expected, usually associated with a pessimistic or fatalistic view. The reader knows that Oedipus exists as the sick one because he killed his own father especially when Oedipus says, "Damned in the blood he shed with his own hand!

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Finally, Oedipus goes through a discovery process ending when he discovers his tragic resolution. One would think that a man with as disturbing a prophesy over his head as Oedipus would be very careful about who he married or killed. Oedipus Rex is a tragedy due to the content the Sophocles, the playwright, decided to include, first, murdering his father, king Laius, then marrying his mother, Jocasta, and ending by blinding himself.

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Dramatic Irony in Oedipus Rex