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Dickinson regularly attended her own family's church, and New England Calvinism surrounded her. It was the last poem published during Dickinson's lifetime. Two Ideas. That was one of the first poems that she had written. Dickinson turned into handiest fifty-six, however she became suffering from a severe case of brilliant's ailment. Walt Whitman spent most of his time observing people and New York City. Are you listening. Her poems leave the reader questioning and wondering why exactly a certain stanza was written that way. Dickinson is still praised today, and she continues to be taught in schools, read for pleasure, and studied for research and criticism. Emily wrote many poems.

Then, Dickinson attended Mount Holyoke Female seminary for only a year, but returned home unable to decide whether or not to join the Congressional Church. These women expressed their inner most thoughts and ideas through their writings. This is a very personal theme and can be examined in various ways.

Dickinson has astounded many with the breadth of universal emotions conveyed in her poems. Interviewer: That must have been a crazy childhood, tell us what is was like. A number of clues in each piece help to determine which poem believes in what.

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She speaks with great power and passion, tolerating no interference, and wills herself to maintain this choice for her e Dickinson referred to him as "our latest Lost". However, it is argued that her work is often cryptic in thought and unmelodious in expression Shackford. In Emily Dickinson's poem 'Because I could not stop for Death,' she characterizes her overarching theme of Death differently than it is usually described through the poetic devices of irony, imagery, symbolism, and word choice. It is unclear whether she finds the stillness, the lack of major religious epiphany, to be problematic. She approached her poetry inductively The fly and the king become polarize images. She carefully selected her society and controlled the disposal of her time While most, if not all, poets reveal elements of themselves within their works Dickinson seems to lay herself bare before her readers; leaving very little left to the imagination. Her exceedingly complex life has proved a tremendous influence on her instrumental poetry, creating its originality and distinguishing her from other great poets of the nineteenth century.

Her poems leave the reader questioning and wondering why exactly a certain stanza was written that way. A comparison of Dickinson's poems can reveal parallels in themes, patterns of dramatic succession wit Dickinson become born in December of to a well-known circle of relatives, long installed in New England.

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She was deeply tinged by the mysticism of Blakeand strongly influenced by the mannerism of Emerson

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