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Among the issues within the history of literature with which book history can be seen to intersect are: the development of authorship as a profession, the formation of reading audiences, the constraints of censorship and copyright, and the economics of literary form.

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Neither word spacing, punctuation, nor capitalization help the reader deci- pher the text. Two essays examine The Wanderer from this perspective. It presents this message by glorifying the death of Byrhtnoth, which subtly suggests the wisdom of compromise: if the valiant Byrhtnoth could not defeat the Vikings, how could anyone else?

Forster's "Aspects of the Novel" is an innovative and effusive treatise on a literary form that, at the time of publication, had only recently begun to enjoy serious academic consideration.

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As casual readers we tend to take the authority of an edition on faith, trusting that what the editor prints is what the author intended, and what the editor translates in his glossary is what the words must have meant. With the rise of the literate public and swiftness of printing, criticism arose too.

In establishing the role of the political novel and tracing its growth into the twentieth century, Mr. The critical essay must have the following parts: Introduction: Every essay must have an introduction.

Style is, in other words, a diffi- cult concept to define, much less to characterize, and still less to use as a tool for textual reconstruction. Its usefulness and readability for beginning students are largely due to the fact that the Old English gloss, which of course fol- lows the word order of its Latin text, was rearranged into idiomatic vernac- ular prose by Henry Sweet in his First Steps in Anglo-Saxon in

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Writing Critical Essays about Literature