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When the Ministry of Education publishes secondary school results in mid July, these results are fed automatically into the system and offers are made in early August.

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Teachers Qualifications and Skills International research has consistently shown that home background and teaching quality are the two most significant influences on student learning achievement. Although Arabic is the official language, English is used a second language in the country.

Sustained concerted effort is needed to raise the primary and preparatory net enrolment rates, and the net intake rate in Grade 1. Change in the style of pedagogy.

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Adaptation of a borrowed policy forms an important part in any educational framework. Then the question arises about the quality and the content of the employable skills that are being taught in Oman.

The public university is normally visited by Omanis only. Depending on the individual student they may complete their education at this point and seek work. Currently, there is some talk that the plan to form Muscat University may be revived.

Over the last 40 years Oman has made very significant strides to promote equal educational opportunities for girls and boys.

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Sultan Qaboos University also in Muscat is the sole state university, being opened inand illustrated here.

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Education in Oman: Education in Oman in the past and present