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Jewish schools are notoriously under-resourced, as are Jewish elder care facilities, JCCs and synagogues. Learn about the power of the intuitive experience in music; the links between music, intimacy, spirituality, meditation, prayer, human communication and so much more.

He cited how key features of American democracy were eroding—membership in civic groups, neighborhood associations, participation in American politics, and so on.

To that end I offer four propositions that I believe hold the key to a renaissance of Jewish life.

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A guided journey through shiva and the stages of Jewish mourning. It puts into perspective the declining number of Jews who join synagogues or JCCs or who contribute to Jewish Federation campaigns—all classic indicators of Jewish identity and communal solidarity. So it was likely a very spiritual life they led, before they began practical application of that spirituality. But what is interesting about gen X and the millennials is that their interest in Judaism is no longer restricted to courses for college credit. It is clear that, as compared to independent minyanim, there are even more Jews involved in groups that gather with a Jewish focus other than prayer. Surely, Jewish institutions must provide the funds so that Jews who cannot afford dues or tuitions can fully participate in Jewish life. They do not apologize for investing their time and resources in advancing group self-interest, and they have created an array of Jewish organizations to support their work. Kabbalah Art: Yoram Raanan Judaism has a body and a soul. We find, for example, Rabbi Akiva and his colleagues absorbed in the mysteries of the supernal heichalot—heavenly chambers where Divine mysteries could be uncovered.

Perhaps of even greater immediate consequence to the health of our society is the impact of technology on our political culture. Get it here in North America or here in Israel or read more about it here.

Even less well developed right now but also a trend that Jewish institutions should explore is co-housing. Raphael Ben Zion. There are other indicators as well.

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The affluence and organizational know-how of American Jews resulted in the birth of an amazing array of new Jewish organizations whose priorities were decidedly more universal. Yet the private company JDate may have had a more positive impact on increasing Jewish in-marriage than all of the Jewish organizational efforts combined. Although it can be argued that this was a justified priority for the organized Jewish community, it nonetheless spurred a grassroots response from Jews whose priorities were becoming post-tribal. Jewish spirituality, like all of Judaism, is aimed towards the ultimate perfection of all the creation through our human efforts in partnership with the Creator, in the messianic times and after. The Jewish community is not alone in facing declining interest on the part of gen X and millennials in the organizations that were created to reinforce and perpetuate religious identity. This book is for people who enjoy asking and thinking about good questions and want to have fun along the way! I am aware of many such groups where the participants have dropped their synagogue membership because the self-run groups meet their needs just as well for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps they are even more inclined to do so because it proves their commitment to principle over their own people. Everything has Divine purpose, every event has Divine meaning; nothing is just here because it is here. In their online primary catapulted Howard Dean to the front of the pack for the Democratic nomination for president and built a base of more than a million young people that they subsequently organized for a variety of progressive causes. Get Spice and Spirit The Secrets of the Stars: The Significance of the Night Sky For many of us, whose knowledge of the heavenly spheres is limited to planetarium visits and school projects, the night sky represents a vague, unexplored territory of secular terms and explanations. Aryeh Kaplan. Moses brought the descendants of Jacob out of Egypt to Mount Sinai. Even more dramatic is the fact that donors to the Jewish Federation system in America—the central fundraising and allocation arm of the organized Jewish community—has dropped from , donors to , donors since

Our mission was to inspire, educate, and train the next generation of American Jews for lives of commitment to leadership, activism, and service for the Jewish people and the world at large. They burst onto the scene in to support President Bill Clinton against the efforts of Republicans in Congress to impeach him.

Both elder care and pre-schools are areas that seem ripe to explore private solutions rather than continuing the current subsidized communal models.

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The strength of any democracy depends on a healthy debate in the public square about contemporary issues so as to advance the common good.

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The Messianic Idea in Judaism: And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality by Gershom Scholem