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Target Market We know it is highly important to do a thorough research to know the people who particularly need your services. Kennel records are currently kept on paper. Do a market analysis of other similar facilities in the area, and explain what you will do differently if you find that other dog boarding facilities have failed.

Services and Products offered: Best Friend Kennels offers expert pet grooming and boarding, professional obedience training, competition handling and concerned, caring cemetery and cremation services to our customers.

She understands the necessity of clearly defining goals, employee responsibilities and standards. When it comes time to start purchasing equipment you don't want to run out of money. We will also ensure we place adverts of our dog boarding business on newspapers, pet related magazines, radio and TV stations, etc.

Marketing plan for a pet boarding service

We expand our operating hours based on customer demand for our services. Accountant Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports; analyzes financial feasibility for the most complex proposed projects; conducts market research to forecast trends and business conditions. Personnel Best Friend Kennels employs one full-time bather, one full-time and one part-time groomer, one full-time receptionist, a full-time kennel manager, four part-time kennel assistants, training director and handler. Monthly newsletter. Both Carson Jenkins, and his wife are experienced players in the industry, and they will go right into the business to become recognised as the number one in the whole of the United States. The truth is that, if your clients noticed tremendous changes in their pets as a result of your input, then they will be compelled to help promote your organization. If you're serious about your business you need a solid plan that will help you start it, build it up, and run it for years to come. Multiple copies of financial and proprietary data are kept at separate locations. Growth Opportunities: The pet services market will continue to expand as the population of the area continues to grow. A complete list of her professional accomplishments and her resume are available upon request. Training Our current primary clients are dog owners who want their dogs trained in on- and off-leash private obedience training or confirmation training within a mile radius of Best Friend Kennels. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

There are 73 grooming and boarding combined facilities and 18 dog training and obedience combined facilities in the Portland area.

Runs are sized to accommodate larger guests and multiple guests whose owners want their pets boarded together.

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Contracts detailing the specifics of the handling desired are drawn and signed. Ideally, you have a deep love of animals and are dedicated to their welfare; this is important for potential customers to know about you. Your kennel will require advertising and publicity strategies. Opportunities: Beyond every reasonable doubt, the opportunities available in the Pet Grooming and Boarding industry is massive considering the number of individuals and corporate organizations who own dogs and other pets who would want to drop them off in dog boarding facility or want them to acquire new skill sets and to perform excellently well in their jobs or who would want to bring their pets for treatment or to purchase pet supplies. Both of these jobs provided in-depth training on selecting target markets and tailoring sales techniques to the target market. Current secondary clients are owners of other small animals requiring boarding. Current secondary clients are owners of other small animals requiring mortuary services. So, why would you need a business plan? Be honest in your business plan. Under Ms. Differentiate and Fulfill the Promise We can't just market and sell service and products, we must actually deliver as well. Members of the staff, including the Owner, Kennel Manager, and Head Groomer live on the property, providing 24 hour security. The Dog Wash in Beaverton.

Bradley has experience in targeting specific markets, having worked for such renowned businesses as Durango's and Brooksman's.

Contracts range from single show to full Champion titles in confirmation and obedience titles.

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How to Write a Dog Boarding Business Plan