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As young consumers progressed through their teen years, their milk consumption steadily declined while their consumption of other beverages steadily increased.

An ethical dilemma arose, the man later admitted to Steel. InGoodby created a Spanish-language television ad La Llorona was based on a Mexican folk tale about a woman who drowned her children to spite her adulterous husband. The trademarked line has been widely parodied by groups championing a variety of causes.

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Case Histories "I can honestly say that I learned more in 30 minutes than I learned in 8 weeks of this marketing course. Focus group respondents were beginning to identify the new spots within seconds after they began to play on the video monitor.

Changing behavior, in addition to attitudes, was done with carefully placed media. And sometimes expletives. Newswire, 9 out of 10 Americans could identify the phrase in That hunch led to one of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time.

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By the s, milk was under siege by soft drinks, sports drinks, and Snapplewhich cloaked some of its sugary offerings in an all-natural aesthetic. On an episode of Roseanneshe dumps milk all over someone and recites the line.

Oreo, where Got Milk? According to the U.

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Udder Success: The 'Got Milk?' Campaign Turns 25