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What warning must we heed about our own society and government?

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I do agree that many of these questions could have been eliminated with one line of dialog at the right moment—a victim of a plot tightened too much for action, perhaps. How does the fact that the tributes are always on camera affect their behavior from the time they are chosen?

By the end of the novel, Katniss is far more confused than at the beginning, but this confusion indicates that she is becoming a much fuller person.

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I mean business about science fiction and geek culture. How is each of them changed by the time they spend in the Arena? Why do they accept him when they start hunting as a group?

Why does Peeta join with the Career Tributes in the beginning of the Games?

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Have the other tributes been trying to keep Peeta or Katniss alive? Are they actually in love?

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What does he hope to gain? They often need the tessera in order to survive, so they take them knowing they will have to pay back what is essentially a debt later. Though capable of rebellion they did revolt once before , the population of Panem lacks the strength to question and challenge their system, instead allowing themselves to be led through spectacle. Do you believe there is any chance to eradicate class struggles in the future? Do you believe it was the rebels who killed the children with the exploding parachutes? That is why the true Poets must be truthful. What does he hope to gain? Historical and Literary Connections The Hunger Games trilogy provides many interesting analogies to historical events and literary classics through the ages. What is the first reaction Katniss has to the people of District 13? Whom does he mean?

Are they actually in love? Most challenging, though, is her relationship to the leaders in the Capitol.

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Do you think Katniss, Peeta, and Gale believed in it? Why are Finnick and Johanna important to Katniss? What qualities of her personality keep her going — her capacity for love? War Poetry and Music Wilfred Owen, a young man who fought and died in the trenches of Europe in World War I, wrote poignant poetry about the futility of war. A young man in the Crusades faces moral choices. Teach This Lesson About The Hunger Games In this gripping young adult novel set in a future with unsettling parallels to our present, the nation of Panem consists of a shining Capitol surrounded by 12 outlying Districts, in the ruins of the area once known as North America. Consider historical and contemporary nations as well as fictional worlds. I do agree that many of these questions could have been eliminated with one line of dialog at the right moment—a victim of a plot tightened too much for action, perhaps. Two brothers face harsh army discipline in World War I. Discuss the symbolism of fire throughout the series. Did Haymitch think all along that he could keep them both alive by stressing the love story? Compare the society in Panem the government, its tight control on the population, and the growing rebellion to others that you have studied or encountered in books or films.
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The Hunger Games Essay Questions