I can write a song on my new piano stool

Again these stools will also come with a wide range of top colours and wood finishes. They are generally of British manufacture with just a couple of Italian and Chinese imported models. Piano Humidity Control Many of the problems that pianos develop are due to temperature and humidity changes within the home.

Damp chaser heaters These heaters are mounted in the bottom of upright pianos and should be left on constantly to keep the air inside the piano dry thus preventing the problems mentioned above such as sticking keys.

Budget stools We tend not to stock cheaper stools as we find the quality quite inferior and the lifespan of them tends to be very short. These heaters have a very low wattage, normally around 25W, and are therefore cheap to run but they are often very effective. Piano Parts If you have ever fancied repairing your own piano we are happy to give you some practical advice and can also supply you with the various piano parts that you might require, from sets of tie-tapes and various felts to springs, tuning pins, keytops, and piano wire.

Pianists perform to packed house But it wouldn't be a Mustonen concert without his favoured instrument and he duly obliged with Mozart's 'Coronation' Piano Concerto 26, conducting from the piano stool, mostly with his left hand as much of the piano part is written for right hand only.

We keep a wide range of parts in stock in our workshops and can help with hints and tips on fitting these parts. He did not know what to do with those arms and hands, and when, to his excited vision, one arm seemed liable to brush against the books on the table, he lurched away like a frightened horse, barely missing the piano stool.

adjustable wooden piano bench

All materials used comply with current British Fire Safety Standards.

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