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Everything like you—but just a little better. During this time, I have developed keen interest in the strategic roadmap, market research and feature definitions that go behind a product. These typically fall in mid-October and mid-Jan. Pick one personal story and one work-related story, so that it presents a holistic picture of your personality. The question then is, how do you tell these stories for maximum effect? Why should you be one of them? Also, they will always keep you on your toes and send reminders if you happen to slack off. Tell us how would you contribute to the same? A student of the Post Graduate Programme in Management PGP is exposed to a variety of learning methods, be it team-based learning or individual case studies. Create an imaginary character. With time, I developed a special bond with them and I could notice their growing confidence because of my encouragement. You might still have a shot if your score is above For example, one of my projects for our client Omnicare was running behind schedule and budget due to manual errors in code migration process. The key is to highlight transferable skills on the professional front and core skills on the personal front; while presenting areas of knowledge relevant to the business school experience. There was very little scope to take initiatives, learn and outshine.

Very often, Business Schools use the essay prompts not only to seek information, but also to communicate positive attributes of the school or the program. IT services players are forced to change strategy from relying on labour arbitrage and service outsourcing to developing niche product offerings.

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So the crucial part is to execute it well. Be honest in your approach. I am a highly self-motivated person and like to take initiatives which create a positive impact in my environment.

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Or you could be an Army major who served on the Siachen glacier. There is only one thing for you to be worried about: Most people in this category end up not having great GMAT scores. Click here to see the admissions calendar: ISB site.

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