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The quote condemns those who lack artistry and imagination, the inability to commit to a story. The use of symbolism is shown through Richard Parker a Bengal tiger and the colour orange, the motifs in the novel were hunger and thirst and ritual, and themes that were seen on this journey were religious beliefs and the will to survive.

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People, too, become wedded to their routines, even to the point of predictability, and grow troubled during times of change. His devotion to the power of scientific inquiry and explanation inspires Pi to study zoology in college. When Pi Patel found land, he hoped that Richard Parker became his friend, but unluckily, the tiger was just an animal.

It is easy to forget the circumstances surrounding the Patel family 's departure from Pondicherry, India. Biological survival-living a long life, raising a family, and passing ones genes down through the generations-represents the third level.

We have already learned that Pi studied zoology and religion at the University of Toronto, and the above quote demonstrates just how closely aligned the two subjects are in his mind. By this point, we know that Richard Parker is a Royal Bengal tiger, an adult male, who weighs pounds and takes up about one-third of the lifeboat.

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