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For larger houses, a slightly longer and wider garage could accommodate the additional bicycles. Spaces should be included for visitors: for instance, workplaces need an allocation for both employees and visitors.

Conclusion The Campaign would like to see Lockers may be operated by coin or token, or be secured by cycle lock. However, much current practice seen around the UK unnecessarily puts cyclists into conflict with pedestrians.

A cycle-friendly new development is a place people want to live in: safe, family-friendly, accessible, peaceful.

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Security and installation When designing cycle parking provision: Use only stands to which the frame can be locked. In planning applications, never refer to 'cycle storage' — use 'cycle parking', which reflects the concept that cycles will be used regularly.

Automated bike parking system

Cycle-friendly sells new developments The principles outlined in this guide are applicable to a range of schemes — from street redesigns to major housing developments or new towns. Where a route would also be used by horse riders or ramblers, an additional 3 metres of regularly cut grass can help reduce conflicts between people cycling and other users. However, much current practice seen around the UK unnecessarily puts cyclists into conflict with pedestrians. In order to ensure that time limits would be respected, a pamphlet was distributed to all students and residents in the area so that both cyclists and motorists were familiar with the new initiative and knew how to use it. When asked what illegal parking would entail, he answers that parking on a parking spot designated for cars would be legal, because motorbikes reserve a similar space on the road. A few times, a car or bike has not been moved, but this has not caused any problems or accidents. Smartcard bus ticketing — avoids the fuss of paying on a bus and makes journey times much quicker. There must be no place where walking is forbidden within a new development. Facilitating shortcuts and pleasant off-road leisure routes To help ensure easy maintenance, a strip of at least 1 metre on each side should be planted as grass.

Consider adding a covering for shelter, and to keep bikes dry. Where wheelie bins are left on the pavement, parents with pushchairs are faced with major difficulties and are often forced to walk in the road. When convenient and secure, bicycle parking helps make it easy for people to choose cycling.

These routes are also good for children learning to ride. This is useful, but in practice many people prefer convenience over the increased security.

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