Mobile phones research papers

Mobile phones research papers

Imagine all of this time was spent on something productive such as learning a language, reading a book, or building a relationship with another human being.

According to researchers from Business Insider, one out of every five people in the world have a smartphone, and this number is growing rapidly.

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This is why texting and driving is so dangerous. Nearly Almost Because people are unaware of their surroundings when they are on their phones, it is very rude to use them with other people present.

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Because of this, we see that cell phone use, especially smartphones, can harm human relationships. The finding of the study may be of great importance to all students since they may be made aware of how modern technology impacts on their social relationships. His experience on the bus and at lunch became very different with his new phone. Not a single person was aware of this gigantic pickle in the room. Had he still owned the smartphone, he might not have met such great people and had such informative conversations. As a society, we need to disengage and come to terms with the fact that these machines cannot give us the same feelings as people can. When someone is on their phone, they ignore everyone else in the room. Sometimes, this can be very confusing, and miscommunications are common. Youth and the Potential Power of Social Media. They might not realize this right now, but they are promoting the use of smartphones.

Personal Interview. Perlow, Leslie A.

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By talking with these strangers, he learned many things and became a well rounded human being. While beneficial in numerous ways, smartphones have disadvantages such as reduction in work efficacy, personal attention social nuisance, and psychological addiction.

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Smartphone usage and increased risk of mobile phone addiction: A concurrent study