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The UK reggae and ska artist Judge Dread holds the Guinness World Record for the most songs ever banned by the BBC — and the organisation even reflexively banned him when he released a clean song. In recent years however, bolero had grown popular again, as more overseas singers performed in Vietnam.

Fortunately, someone had the foresight to roll tape so it could be issued on CD decades later. American Civil Liberties Union affirming a lower court finding of the CDA as unconstitutional because it was overbroad and vague. Judge Mel Grossman stated that the album was probably obscene, and uniformed deputies delivered advisory letters to retailers, warning that continued sale of the disc could result in arrest.

For three, short-lived seasons, Tom and Dick Smothers hosted The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the left-leaning satirical and commercial smash that in violation of their contract CBS abruptly cancelled.

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Then along came the Parents Music Resource Center PMRCwhose crusade for music censorship was in some ways the best thing to happen to musical freedom in the 80s.

Jul Rap lyrics cited for murder charge Virginia rapper Antwain Steward, also known as Twain Gotti, was charged with two counts of murder in July after some of his lyrics were used as evidence against him.

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Are any taboos are left Otherwise, it appears to be a free-for-all, and even the brashest rappers are seldom under fire the way NWA and 2 Live Crew once were.

The obscenity charges were later overturned, but the group still put out a censored version of the album titled As Clean as They Wanna Be. This results in some songs, such as Psy 's " Gentleman " which was banned by KBS for a scene in which the singer kicks over a traffic cone being banned only by KBS, but still receiving airplay by other networks.

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See also: Censorship in the United States While music can be classified as a protected form of expression under the First Amendment , [] there have still been instances of voluntary censorship within the music industry, particularly in regards to protecting children from being exposed to age-inappropriate subject matter , corporate objections to an artist's work, and by radio and television stations to remain in compliance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission FCC. A Brief History of Music Censorship in America and Around the World After studying the history and the number of incidents that affected musicians and raised public consciousness about music censorship, the following timeline can be referred to. The reviews that followed ranged from enthusiastic to mildly positive, but none of them came close to confirming the extraordinary claims of those who protested without having ever seen the work. Music censorship had lost the war By the 80s it seemed that the powers behind music censorship had lost the war. The prosecution eded in a hung jury in summer , and the state did not reprosecute. Madonna's label subsequently sought other outlets for the video: the women's cable network Oxygen aired it during its music program Daily Remix, AOL streamed it online, and it was released on DVD. CBS also aired the ceremony under a five-minute delay in order to ensure that objectionable content was not seen during the telecast. The action led to complaints that the BBC were deliberately censoring the song due to its negativity in this context, noting that Notsensibles ' " I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher " which also charted, as part of an effort to counter the "Witch" campaign [] was played in full earlier in the show. The obscenity charges were later overturned, but the group still put out a censored version of the album titled As Clean as They Wanna Be. Congress has investigated music and pop culture, along with attempting to pass some music legislation.
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