Network rail cp5 business plan

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Enhancements in CP6 However, enhancements are still a problem. This has given a work bank stretching years into the future. Another 50 per cent will be added in CP6, and part of that growth will be from making the job more attractive to women.

The solution to the question of how to plan enhancements better in CP6 is simple. During CP5, there were sadly five fatalities amongst the workforce. At any one time, some Network Rail employees are off work with mental health problems — the second largest individual cause of absenteeism.

The new System Operator, mentioned above, will work with existing franchises, and potential new ones at the tender stage, to sign off on timetables and make sure that on-time running is actually possible.

This control period, which starts on 1 April and spans the next five years, gives us a fresh opportunity to refocus and put the needs of passengers and freight first. Better planning Back to CP6, and the process is well underway.

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Further updates will follow as each tranche of the programme goes live. Until then, there is still a year of CP5 to go, and targets set back in to be achieved.

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Network Rail's Strategic Business Plan