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The sample essay certainly succeeds on this front. Sign up below. It is of utmost importance that the candidate has taken full advantage of the high school curriculum and has taken a course load that compares well with that of our senior applicants. Graded copies are preferred. Although it is not a tangible material, it was Oberlin's spirit of tolerance that spoke to me. Admissions officers can't help but feel that Oberlin is a great match for this applicant. After learning about Oberlin's commitment to tolerance and diversity, I became convinced that I would be an active participant in this campus community, where approximately international students come from 50 different countries. Share a real story that gives us one slice of your life rather than trying to summarize your life in words. It is only one part in our holistic review that allows us to construct an interesting Oberlin community. Learn how our College Apps Program can help. Not only does the student find the Environmental Studies program attractive, but her love of music makes Oberlin an even better match.

Do some research. In this case, you should explain what Oberlin should be like if you were the one who created the university.

Oberlin essay

As an amateur historian and as a Japanese citizen, I was impressed by the Oberlin's extraordinary history of tolerance and openness. What do you plan on doing outside the classroom? She has even talked with Oberlin students. Loved the article? This is not a large state school where you will be merely a number, lost in thousand-person lecture halls until your junior year. We want to hear your voice, so be you — your strongest, clearest, best, grammatically correct you, but you. Oberlin notably has the oldest music conservatory in the country, and the conservatory is available to all students studying at the college.

When evaluating applications for admission, the Admissions Committee seeks evidence of academic preparation and proficiency comparable to: 4 years of English 3 years of the same foreign language 3 years of laboratory sciences 3 years of social studies including history Application Homeschooled applicants should follow the same application procedures and submit the same materials as other students, with a few exceptions outlined below.

We want to learn about you and your writing ability.

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Share it! How would such a setting help you succeed at the university? Ultimately, Oberlin is ideal for students seeking an experience at a prestigious small liberal arts college. Given the short length, you should utilize every writing tool that will help you craft a better essay. Keep the focus on you. In my undergraduate research project about the impact that Asian immigrants have brought on the American society, I am excited to study in such an environment that has a tradition to celebrate East Asian cultures and languages. Early Admission candidates compete for admission with all other applicants, and once they enroll they are treated in exactly the same way as are all other students. But most importantly, Oberlin will help me not only cultivate my intellectual curiosity in American studies and in history but also train me to be an individual person. Let's look at why.

This is an opportunity to connect a short personal anecdote about a particular passion or interest of yours and connect it to specific traits that appeal to you at Oberlin College.

The essay prompt reads, "Given your interests, values, and goals, explain why Oberlin College will help you grow as a student and a person during your undergraduate years.

But sorry, I still do not know how to start writing this essay She has visited the Environmental Studies building, and she knows of some of the unique opportunities offered at Oberlin. Although we want substance, we also want to be able to see that you can write a paper for our professors and avoid careless mistakes that would drive them crazy.

This amount will include contributions from both you and your parents.

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It is only one part in our holistic review that allows us to construct an interesting Oberlin community. Write about something meaningful and describe your feelings, not necessarily your actions. Put your interests in the context of the school.

The text read: "Oberlin offers friendly welcome to seventeen Japanese-American students.

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