Parallelism and concurrency

You can find me on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. When an application is capable of executing two tasks virtually at same time, we call it concurrent application.

But a multithreaded process is useful in programs such as web browsers when we want to download a file, view an animation and print something all at the same time.

In this case, you can perform both the passport and presentation tasks concurrently and in parallel. However, they are quite different. In this case, the presentation task is independentable either you or your assistant can put in 5 hours of focused effortbut not interruptible. Parallelism In Detail As you can see, concurrency is related to how an application handles multiple tasks it works on.

An image that demonstrates concurrency is as follows: In the above diagram, all the four threads are running concurrently. Parallelism is obtained by using multiple CPUs, like a multi-processor system and operating different processes on these processing units or CPUs.

how to achieve parallelism in java
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Difference Between Concurrency and Parallelism (with Comparison Chart)