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Many remedies have been taken to reduce Global warming. Their principal products are ready-to-eat cereals and convenience foods, such as cookies, crackers, savory snacks, Now that companies could import from anywhere, there will be more options for them to look for suppliers in the world and source the best amongst them in terms of price and quality Paul, People have more disposable income now than before, they are willing to up trade and improve their life style.

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Education levels : Education is one of the most important factor which influence the buying power of consumer, while selecting a particular good a consumer should know all its features so it can differentiate them with another products. The sale of the company is constantly increase the last seven year it possible by the good economic statusTechnological Analysis:The LG has more technology shock towards its electronics product. After experiencing decline in growth, FMCG sector is again looking bright. The 3D Plasma TV , Camera with massive features like clear images and slide activities, high battery etc.. Political factor. The are people work for this company. Environmental issues : Global warming is one of the major issue now-a-days as external factor is becoming a significant issue for firms to consider. New Delhi: Excel Books. Environmental regulations : Various regulations have been declared by government to safe guard the environment. Industry-specific regulations : These laws are related to industry for example- no industry can establish in between cities i. This factor may increase the cost of factor some time it decrease the product cost.

It helps the organzation to divide the markets in different segments to target a large of customers. It has introduced to the delighting product to the customer.

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Mainly it has introduced for easy usage with several option of different user. Unilever has over brands across food, personal care and household cleaning So any initiative by these firms is a huge help. The introduction of sachet packs has increased penetration of products in the market as lower income people started using the products; also the middle class is growing rapidly in India.

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Established as a stand alone publicly traded company init is a spin off by Cadbury Plc, which held the Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages.

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