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It should be obvious why the project budget is one of the most important documents in the project. Click on Table option under Project menu, then select More Tables.

Once a detailed budget is developed and approved, the project manager should publish this baseline and set it as a point of comparison for actual performance progress.

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If for instance, we have a week delay for some of our tasks, we can visually see in the Tracking Gantt the impact of this. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. A baseline is a static copy of plan data that's compared with actual and current data. But the grey bar beneath is still consistent and remains to indicate a duration of 5 hrs. Assignments: Start and Finish dates, work, costs. If you want to remove the baseline set in your project, go to the Project menu, press on the arrow down to the Set Baseline option and in the displayed list you will see Clear Baseline. Time-Phased Budgets address the issue of how indirect costs are time-phased. In the right side of Tracking Gantt view, you may notice some grey bars that come underneath. The process of tracking baselines in Project Plan is quite simple. Baselines help you visualize and attain your project schedule, work and cost objectives. These are the Baseline bars. It easier to make changes to the cost forecast in a Time-Phased Budget. A similar situation is for Baseline Finish and Finish columns. Tracking Gantt is a type of Gantt Chart view, that is designed to compare baseline dates and eventually show all these differences. By using the Tracking Gantt, you can compare progress by comparing baseline and scheduled.

Tracking Gantt is a type of Gantt Chart view, that is designed to compare baseline dates and eventually show all these differences.

Creating a baseline should not be a 'scary' thing. First locate the bar corresponding to this task in the right side. Notice that currently, for instance, the values in the Baseline Duration column are an exact copy of the values from the Duration column.

This involves using the Project Statistics dialog, apply Baseline table to Tracking Gantt and add baseline columns in a task view.

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Time-Phased Budgets make maintenance of the Schedule simpler by focusing on sequence and timing of project execution. Time-Phased Budgets address the issue of time-phasing contingency. For more information, see performance measurement baseline.

Now you can see some differences between the blue bars on top and the grey ones underneath, which indicate the initially scheduled dates saved in the baseline.

Notice also the differences between the Current Work and Baseline Work values, as well as for the Cost. A 'significant' gap in one or more task estimates has been identified.

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The lower bar shows baseline start and finish dates, and the upper bar shows scheduled start and finish dates. In the Column Definition dialog select Start field. To change the start date of the task, drag the task bar to the right till it reaches the new start date. The red bar at the top changes and increases its size to 2 days duration. Of course, it is the cost baseline for the project and allows tracking and reporting of actual results for the project. You see displayed NA, meaning Not Applicable. Insert other two columns, namely Work and Cost to assess the current state of the schedule in terms of work and cost. Set a baseline for your project so that you can track its progress against the original project plan.

Then repeat the process again for the Cost column.

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Developing a Baseline Budget for a Project