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Following this section are chapters that can be read independently as they provide a straightforward description of the botany and biodiversity of Kalamantan. More about this book Co-Winner of the Senior Book Prize, American Ethnological Association Resources Introduction [PDF] Reviews "Friction is an original, nuanced, and elegant work of ethnography and a significant contribution to the areas of globalization; environment and natural resource wars; the politics of indigenous peoples, NGOs, and development; and the sociology of expert versus local knowledge.

However, like other anthropologists who take a stance on activism, I felt Tsing was at times unsure of where she fit in the political spectrum as anthropologist. I think its that I believe that Tsing vastly overestimates how much friction de-fangs capitalism.

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That is. This movement led to raising questions of freedom and articulated the views of humans, farmers and indigenous rights helped in opening up the spaces for later proliferations of the other movements.

Introducing the notion of 'engaged universals,' it brings home the role of 'utopian critiques. With her book Anna has made a significant contribution in the area of globalisation and natural resources.

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Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing