Short writing activities for year 6 spelling

It's important for students to learn and practice common spelling patterns. Create an analogy book.

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The students' task is to create as many words as they can with the letters on the board. Here, we run through how children learn to spell and share our tips for making spelling homework fun.

Have students write their spelling word one letter at a time like the example below. Age 6—7 Year 2 Your child will continue to use their phonic skills, as well as what they know about word structures more generally, when reading and spelling unfamiliar, common and tricky words.

The tips on your site have helped me a great deal, especially the Scrabble idea. This includes the spelling patterns and also the skills and knowledge that students will need - along with the most useful 4 spelling rules.

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Yes, the kids were hearing the right sounds, but the spelling was still Use a plastic egg.

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Spelling Activities