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Online Coming soon! Each of our ten modules are taught by expert industry professionals, who will take you through the core social media specialisms and teach you the principles of effective social communication. The fee includes all course content and the examination fee first attempt only. Select your ideal partner to acquire a globally recognized professional qualification in digital marketing.

Are they shopping for similar products online, or in brick-and-mortar stores? Students will become acquainted with formulating research questions and proposing social marketing solutions to real-life issues regarding social and environmental problems.

Gain an introduction to the 8 steps of social strategy development.

features of social marketing

In the event that the minimum pass mark is not met you will have the opportunity to resit at a later date. It can be a tangible good, such a clothing item or piece of software, or intangible, like a service or experience think legal services or a cruise.

Today, the internet can be considered either the medium for purchase, via e-commerce, or the product itself, such as a social media service.

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