Strengths and weakenesses of transactional analysis

Walsh, J.

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Therapy interventions are more likely to succeed and produce enduring change when involving the emotional and behavioral approaches Corey, References Berne, D.

Through Freudian theory, these would be understood as the id, ego, and superego. This is called transactional stimulus. Berne published the popular Games People Play.

Critical analysis of transactional analysis

There are two aspects of this Parent ego state which need to be addressed, those being the Nurturing Parent NP and the Controlling Parent CP , both of which have positive and negative aspects Corey, In theory, the process of learning to give and receive strokes will help alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness and increase personal intimate relationships. His ideas were influenced by his clients' descriptions of behaving as a child, a parent, and an adult the three ego status. In fact, there still exists training and certification in this very area of specialization. This guidance is provided for the individual through unspoken rules and regulations, however, eventually the individual programming will take over. The International Transactional Analysis Association. Biologically speaking, there is evidence that helped to also support the development of Transactional Analysis. This would appear to be a useful theory, as it is provides techniques for therapeutic intervention. Freud believed that the three aspects of personality Id, Ego, and Superego needed to be well balanced in order to achieve a good state of mental health. Transactional Analysis theory parallels social contructionism through the life scripting that occurs early in childhood, based on the transactions and reinforcements that occur through programming, particularly the social aspect. Through Transactional Analysis theory, there are clearly defined terms, such as strokes both positive and negative , ego states, and transactions.

This includes the values, morals, and beliefs taught by the parents. Like many psychiatric and psychological paradigms of treatment, there is ample room for misuse and, frankly, manipulation. Then again, I think most of psychological therapy in the West is also culture bound.

Strengths and weakenesses of transactional analysis

Our culture, being an individualistic culture, empathizes personal achievement and personal responsibility. All of these consist of the process of deciding how one wants to be socially with others, social work theory and practice support methods to gain autonomy Turner, The adult ego state: The adult ego state is not subdivided or related to a person's age.

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What are some criticisms of transactional analysis (TA)?