Tata motors marketing strategies

Tata Motors ranks in top four passenger vehicle brands in India. This information is then used by managers to plan marketing activities, gauge the nature of a firm's marketing environment and attain information from suppliers. It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each segment, and among the top three in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact, midsize car and utility vehicle segments.

tata motors strategy analysis

Over the years, Tata has evolved in product line, global outreach, sales and become the leader in high performance and durable vehicles in many markets.

The commercial vehicles segment is likely to grow at a rend rate of percent driven mainly by the increase in industrial and economic activity on account of the expected growth in the economy, though annual growth rates may fluctuate widely with the cyclical ups and downs of the economy.

New forms of marketing also use the internet and are therefore called internet marketing or more generally e-marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, desktop advertising or affiliate marketing.

Thus, the issue of divest, or a ceasing of production, may be made. However, there may be alterations in the accessories, if desired by the customer.

Thus, when top management are devising the firm's strategic direction or mission, the intended marketing activities are incorporated into this plan.

Marketing strategies of tata motors project report

The distribution of vehicle must be in a very systematic way, from the plant to dealership and to end user. Discounts : Discounts are decided by the Co. After sales service is a valuable marketing strategy, and needs concerted deliberations. Moreover, a product may be reaching the end of its lifecycle. From the plant, the finished product is transported to the dealerships. If the opinion of consultants matter, Tata's Nano has all the makings of a winner. Indica Vista the second generation Indica, is launched. The price of steel and aluminium is increasing putting pressure on the costs of production. They will get better operating efficiency," he says. Diffusion of innovations research explores how and why people adopt new products, services, and ideas. It is also related to many of the creative arts. If you do not have an existing customer base, or if you are targeting a completely new audience, speculate on who they might be, based on their needs and the benefits they will receive. The sales, distribution and billing of these are looked after by the Co.

Between launching the Rs 1-lakh Nano and the Land Rover and Jaguar that are priced anywhere between 30 and times more, Tata Motors is aiming for a presence across the spectrum. CRM-DMS initiative crosses the th location milestone Launch of Magic, a comfortable, safe, four-wheeler public transportation mode, developed on the Ace platform.

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Tata Motors have been successful in creating and maintaining a professional brand image. Investigate competitors or similar businesses in other markets to gain insight. Pricing Strategy There are various factors to determine a price of a car.

Tata motors marketing strategies
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Marketing Strategies of Tata motors