The blogs of war

Most often those who are blogging say they are doing so to communicate a sense of their experience to friends and family. Always looking for additional insight into critical problems. Obviously, these features are designed to boost troop moralebut they also seem to make the Occupation surreal.

The blogs of war

One important milblogger who weighed in on the Jordan affair is a secretive year-career Army GI who goes by the handle Greyhawk. Prakash was awarded the Silver Star this year for saving his entire tank task force during an assault on insurgents in Iraq's harrowing Sunni Triangle. Author: John Hockenberry John Hockenberry He knew that if he didn't join the Army, he might end up in medical school or some windowless office in a high tech company. In one case an ANA medical officer allegedly had toys which were meant for distribution to children in his village diverted to his own home. Bout's blog, and a Wakeup, is unlikely to put you to sleep. If soldiers do not accept the official rationale, it is unlikely that they would blog publicly about it. The average Afghan has seen a lot of tragedy in his or her life.

I have many diplomats, journalists, technical experts, intelligence and military professionals in the audience which I am thankful for but I want the casual observer of international affairs to find the program accessible, thought-provoking, and engaging as well.

A full harvest in a time of famine. My goal is to produce a program that showcases complex and meaningful national security topics in a manner that resonates across the entire spectrum.

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He says he admired the Army's discipline and loved the idea of driving a tank. Always mapping networks. Not surprisingly, the Afghans whom the soldiers get to know the best are usually their interpreters. Another soldier in his unit, as a joke, handed the assembler a certain piece of his anatomy instead of the tool he asked for. My summer of 30k painting wrapped up over the Labour Day long weekend - the traditional "end I don't do a lot of 'bringing' to this event, and I'm not a huge 'buyer' either. These are the types who have near panic attacks when stuck in Kabul traffic or who issue daily updates on the number of incoming mortar rounds from the previous night. The Pentagon will not comment specifically on Cohen's situation except to reiterate its policy that blogs should not reveal any casualty information that could upset next of kin or any details that might jeopardize operational security. His blog, the Mudville Gazette, investigated the incident and concluded that Iraq-based reporters disputed Jordan's claim. If soldiers do not accept the official rationale, it is unlikely that they would blog publicly about it. But online technology in the combat zone has suddenly given those opinions a mass audience and an instantaneous forum for the first time in the history of warfare. No blogging record, but rivaling the wonkish audience for the Pentagon's daily briefing on C-Span or DOD press releases. Unfortunately, there is little attempt to categorize and analyze why there is so much corruption or how to actually manage it.

For now, the Pentagon officially tolerates this free-form online journalism and in-house peanut gallery, even as the brass takes cautious steps to control it.

If soldiers do not accept the official rationale, it is unlikely that they would blog publicly about it. For him, the poetry of warfare is in the sounds of exploding weapons and the chaos of battle. It is amazing, and empowering, and yet the question remains, should I as a lower enlisted soldier have such power to express my opinion and broadcast to the world a singular soldier's point of view?

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I did a I also try to directly connect Blogs of War readers to smart, respected, non-partisan subject matter experts at every opportunity. Even those who do regularly engage with the rural population have limited opportunities to actually learn much that is substantive about the people they are nominally protecting and the enemies they are fighting.

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