The effectiveness of prepared bio organic fertilizer

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The results of total K in the upper shoots, leaves and stems of sugarcane with application of different fertilization treatments with and without filter cake are shown in Figure 3.

A similar effect was observed for the contents of nitrate-N and ammonium-N in the soil.

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Idea News. The goal of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a liquid biofertilizer obtained from rabbit manure in terms of presence of pathogens, phytotoxicity, and its effect on the grain yield and other agronomic traits of barley Hordeum vulgare L.

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The effectiveness of biofertilizer on total K uptake compared with soluble fertilizer in sugarcane grown on a Brazilian coastal tableland soil was demonstrated by Stamford et al. Borges et al.

The data are in accordance with those of Santos et al. Similar results of total P in sugarcane stems were observed when comparing biofertilizer and soluble fertilizer treatments with filter cake.

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The experiment was performed using a factorial scheme and set up in a split-plot design with four replicates. In reference to N uptake in the stem Figure 1 C , the results showed that higher values were observed in the treatments with filter cake application. A control treatment of earthworm compost 20 t ha-1 was included. Total N on the upper shoots A , leaves B and stem C of sugar cane with application of different fertilization sources with and without sugarcane filter cake FC. A tendency for increased Mg values in the stems of sugarcane was observed when the filter cake treatment applied. Capital letters compare the fertilization treatments and small letters compare the presence and absence of sugarcane filter cake FC The total P in sugarcane leaves Figure 2 B showed that the treatments with filter cake application were more expressive when comparing the biofertilizer and soluble fertilizer treatments. Total Mg on the upper of shoots A , in the leaves B and in the stem C of sugar cane with application of different fertilization sources with and without sugarcane filter cake FC. Almeida Junior et al. It is our view that the production and use of biofertilizers are a reliable alternative to deal with a solid waste problem while food security is increased. To avoid the effects of excessive humidity due to rain and to increase the efficiency of the oxidative bacteria, the furrows were covered daily using black plastic. Sugarcane yield under fertilization with filter cake enriched with soluble phosphate.

There are great possibilities for using phosphate and potassic rocks to produce biofertilizers and these possibilities involve practical processes that reduce energy consumption and promote the increasing availability of nutrients for plants Stamford et al.

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