The future of radio and the internet

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Also, it may run contrary to your intuition, but sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and all the rest encroach on radio territory too. And we could easily be put off our stride. Elsewhere radio stations such RTL Stories are. The open source system Radio DNS is also a good example of the how the internet adds value to broadcast radio.

He introduced the beau ideal of technology that would enrich our lives, expanding our reach beyond our reality and the known world.

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It is, though, acknowledgment that just as the arrival of Television signified in change in radio, so the arrival of visually driven or socially interactive content online should signal fresh challenges and opportunities for radio.

Terrestrial radio is growing as well as the Internet and online radio — the entire pie is getting bigger.

The future of radio 2019

It turns out Stephen Fry is a huge fan of the service too. As former Radio Luxembourg DJ and Programme Controller Tony Prince, who has launched an internet-only music radio service called United DJs , put it: At this time we have no interest in FM or DAB and are convinced that the moment the internet streamed into the car radio, radio once again faces an enormous game-changer. Indeed, only a third It is a legitimate hub that connects the old style of radio, with the future of listening habits successfully. In a world of algorithms, the human connection is still needed. In the lounge, with access to power sockets, cables, speakers and more, something stereo and with a little more bass might be preferable. From pirate stations during the s to the launch of the first internet radio stations in the s, this is a media that has always kept up to date with advances in technology.

The future of radio is the connected car and no longer a DAB receiver that you have to install yourself. Often when gazing into a crystal ball, it can be tempting to think of all the extreme potential future scenarios — you know, fridges with speakers on them.

The development of 3G, and now 4G mobile broadband seemed to add fuel to the argument, with promises of audiences consuming radio via Smartphones on the move. We can see such features as a key part of platforms such as UK RadioPlayer; where listeners can easily tweet about what song they are hearing, a message that may even solicit a reply from the station thus offering opportunities recognise listening loyalty, something which may be key to building and maintaining 6 audiences.

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The lowdown: what does the future hold for radio?