The gear reduction starter engineering essay

In this manner, unwanted starter disengagement is avoided before a successful engine start. Also, a standard starter motor is only designed for intermittent use which would preclude its use as a generator. However, because their torque is higher, they have a faster speed when pistons are at TDC on the compression stroke where it is needed most.

The motor shaft has integrally-cut gear teeth forming a drive gear which mesh with a larger adjacent driven gear to provide a gear reduction ratio of 3. Repairing or replacing your starter motor at the first signs of failure saves you the added cost of replacing supporting components.

Nowadays, you often have a choice since existing direct drive starters usually have a gear reduction replacement.

The air motor spins much too fast to be used directly on the flywheel of the engine, instead a large gearing reduction such as a planetary gear is used to lower the output speed.

Starter motor A starter is an electric motor needed to turn over the engine to start it.

nippondenso gear reduction starter

Speed — In general, gear reduction starters turn more slowly at the flywheel end than direct drive models.

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Direct Drive Vs Gear Reduction Starters