The social changes that has occurred in the american society since the 50s

Life in the 1950s in america

Computerized equipment has replaced the card catalogs of our libraries, speeding the use of, but homogenizing, information and our preserved folk culture. In the number was a staggering 6. All of these artists and authors, whatever the medium, provided models for the wider and more deeply felt social revolution of the s. The result, of course, would be several lines of capital letters unnoticed because of my slavish concentration on the keyboard in my futile effort to avoid errors. It was a joyous get-together because it recalled such good times. There is no sense of permanence or obligation to community. When given the vote, for example, women cast their ballot much the same way that men did, basing their decisions on class, regional, and ethnic loyalties rather than gender. Overall, however, our gathering was a tribute to a rare time in America when the can-do spirit prevailed, when the nation was an economic and political collossus unchallenged in the world arena, when all seemed possible and we were the direct beneficiaries. End of the Cold War. Do not judge him by his role though no one was as much respected before or since as U.

They received their pay in cash, and they paid their bills in cash. This paper will discuss the influence of each decade stated previously.

1950s facts

This idea shaped American foreign policy for decades. That could just as well apply to a junta concocted by Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, et al. And we fumbled about awkwardly, making many grave mistakes and often feeling suitably foolish, if not worse. Black politicians certainly are.

American youth culture 1950s

The degree of civilization at any time and place may be measured by the way in which particular acts are classified. Young people adopted the fashions of gangs—the slang, leather jackets, and ducktail hair styles just as many teens in more recent years have adopted the fashions of "gangsta" culture. Many returned with advanced degrees and worldly experiences well beyond the reach of our parents. A little more than a decade later, the calculator had sent the slide rule into oblivion, word processing had made the typewriter a relic, and Apple Computer had introduced the personal computer. We still have too far to go in resolving our complex feeling about race, but the fact of a multiracial society is no longer denied. Black politicians certainly are. Now fear of robbers, of injury, even of death hovers over many of us who walk city streets, drive city roads—black and white, well-to-do and poor: a significant and melancholy turn of events. The number of cars on the road almost tripled between and , stimulating the production of steel, rubber, plate glass, and other materials that went into making an automobile. It has taken one more step or a series of steps, or a glide in that ceaseless process called Self-Realization. In doing this, nine times out of ten I decided to change something that was typed just the way I wrote it. Many more have interests in pension funds. Not does it become anything other than American by doing so.

That is why there are now about four billion Web sites in existence, and tens of thousands more are added every day. Citizens had become consumers, purchasing goods in an endless attempt to keep up with their neighbors.

1950s american culture
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