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Deepening engagement on these and related fronts is very much in the U. Future research could reveal whether this is a general pattern, or whether other case studies find that an economic downturn and austerity measures can have a destructive and detrimental effect.

The Trump administration is abandoning responsible, long-term efforts that are essential for regional stability and are responsive to human suffering.

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So the major decline in apprehension numbers is all the more telling. Courts have for now enjoined the measure. Amid efforts to strike deals with Mexico and Guatemala to further curb migration, the administration issued a rule that would require asylum seekers to seek protection in the first safe country they arrive at—in practice, Guatemala or Mexico.

Crisis rhetoric in relation to migration is common in national and EU-level debates and deliberations, but it is cities that are dealing with the bulk of issues surrounding immigrant incorporation policy.

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Crisis and representations of crisis can provide a rupture for ways of working, stretch existing resources, alter the priorities of policymakers, and trigger the transformation of existing practices. What is needed is the willingness and staying power to act on these policy solutions. The asylum standards and protections were adopted by the international community after the Holocaust because of the failure of the West—including the United States—to accept and protect Jews and others fleeing Nazi Germany. How are state and local authorities handling these issues? Until Central Americans can experience political stability and citizen security in their home countries, political turmoil, gang violence, corruption, increased climate and agricultural challenges, and weak economies will drive people to seek better life prospects. Many miss court dates or fail to pursue claims because of confusion, lack of adequate notice from DHS, misunderstanding, and long unpredictable waits for hearings. Massachusetts had outlawed the practice in , and Emerson, who lived in Concord, had little first-hand experience of the south. I expect the statutory framework to remain unchanged and that the Trump administration will try a variety of ways to narrow or abandon rules and practices that have been in place since

How are the immigration courts handling the pressure? The Trump administration has doubled down on the kind of policies that do little to ease the bottleneck.

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Trump more than halved the annual cap of refugees admitted to the United States to fifty thousand, and he has sought to make it more difficult for individuals to seek asylum; more thanapplied for asylum in [PDF].

Like the Fugitive Slave Act, the new program trashes due process protections: immigrants subject to its provisions can be removed without an administrative hearing or access to an attorney. The homicide rates in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are among the highest in the world.

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The recent economic crisis and on-going austerity measures thus call into question the implicit assumption in much scholarly work on local immigrant policymaking that this is a steadily growing policy area and that the presence of diversity in the city is increasingly accepted. Similarly, it has frequently been pointed out how during the Asian financial crisis of — several countries in the region demonstrated a preference for domestic workers and enforced expulsion policies Koser, Congress has debated numerous immigration reforms over the last two decades, some considered comprehensive, others piecemeal. Opponents charge that the practice violates U. The caravans have also made immigration accessible to a much broader group of people, who were priced out of the coyote market, says Stephanie Leutert, director of the Mexico Security Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin. Just two points. Funding should also support alternatives to detention, principally the use of ankle bracelets, as more cost effective and less harmful than detention. The situation is not unprecedented, nor was it hard to prepare for.

The actions have been rapid-fire and stop-start, because of political pushback and court rulings. If the credible fear standard is made more difficult, bona fide refugees will be returned to persecution without any reasonable chance to make their case.

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Yet very little is known about the local dimension of immigrant policymaking in crisis contexts. These provide for special processing of unaccompanied children, require the involvement of the Department of Health and Human Services, strictly regulate the periods and conditions of any detention, and provide for release to responsible guardians. Such lack of hope makes people—especially the young—more prone to migrate. It will be difficult to conquer the current wave of xenophobia, aided and abetted by the crudest opportunist ever to occupy the White House. Border Patrol agents and technology make the likelihood of apprehension much higher. Given the circumstances surrounding Central American migration in recent months, as well as historically, there are a range of responses the administration and Congress could take immediately to address and begin to resolve the crisis. Barack Obama. Asylum Seekers Jaime Rodriguez Sr. Just two points.
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The U.S. Immigration Debate