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You may also request deletion of content and we will consider such requests in their context.

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Frontiers has a mission — to make scientific and scholarly research open to all, as more than ever, science and technology are needed to engineer solutions to move us towards a sustainable society. The brief description of the figure removed is important as it gives the reader a chance to follow the thesis argument without needing to look up the actual figures. The material, if included in the body of your text, must conform to all formatting guidelines outlined in this Guide. Each citation must include the copyright symbol, name of the copyright holder who may or may not be the author , and, if applicable, a statement that the use of the material or adaptation in the case of adapted graphics is by permission of the copyright holder. Once accepted, an article will in principle be published; on rare occasions an issue causing rejection may arise or be discovered, in which case the article may be rejected despite having been previously accepted. Including this page helps to establish that you are the owner of the work. Your name and association with that article cannot be removed or deleted unless required by accepted scholarly publishing practice. Include page numbers for these items but do not assign separate chapter numbers.

Any of the pages must be prepared following these guidelines: Do not place a heading on the dedication page. If you do plan on publishing your work in more than one place eg.

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Your connections are visible to Frontiers and, unless you have opted not to make this public, to other users of Loop. Frontiers adopts industry-standard measures to minimise the risk of attacks, viruses, other harmful code and hackers.

We collect information when you visit our websites When you visit any page on the Frontiers websites, some technical information is automatically collected: Geo-location data. However, filing for copyright can offer other protections.

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Publishing articles or chapters during or after your thesis Many students will consider or even be expected to publish articles or chapters while working on or after completing their thesis. See the section Licences permissions you grant as an authors and the Copyright Statement for more information. Use the advisor's name only; do not include any professional titles such as PhD, Professor, or Dr. This protection expires 50 years after the death of the originator, regardless of who holds copyright at that time. For this reason you should visit our websites regularly to ensure you are informed of changes to Terms. Keep emails. Therefore, even if you are the sole or one of several authors of material in a published book or journal, you must obtain written permission from the copyright holder if you are including this material in your document.

And remember, if you co-authored a work with someone, they own a share of the copyright and need to grant permission too. Offer a brief description of your thesis or dissertation and a concise summary of its conclusions.

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Please see the instructions of your device or browser provider for how to do this. If the article is published, you will become liable to pay our article publication charge APC , or to ensure that it is paid. Online Tracking Google Analytics. All Frontiers cookies are used only in the frontiersin. If you are a registered user, you should regularly check your registration information to ensure it is up to date and, to the extent you wish, complete. It's very important to talk to your supervisor s about your work and their input into it, especially if you are building on work they have done themselves. Offer to send the copyright holder a copy of your completed work. The last digit of each number must line up on the right margin.

A preface is a statement of the author's reasons for undertaking the work and other personal comments that are not directly germane to the materials presented in other sections of the thesis or dissertation. Frontiers is not responsible for content posted by its users, including the content of peer-reviewed articles.

Some cookies are associated with your Frontiers account and thus your personal information. Google Analytics uses cookies see the section below on cookies to allow us to analyse your use of our website. It is not uncommon for it to take up to a year to obtain permission. Using Copyrighted Materials Any copyrighted materials used in your work, beyond brief excerpts, may be used only with the written permission of the copyright owner.

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Samples for Copyright Statements for Thesis