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The study is limited to six 6 bank branches located at Jorhat town. Crawford, J. A total of 10 respondents were selected from each bank branch for the study. Working Conditions Because employees spend so much time in their work environment each week, it's important for companies to try to optimize working conditions. Respect from Co-Workers Employees seek to be treated with respect by those they work with. Handbook of industrial and organizational psychology , Chicago: Rand McNally, , — Industrial psychology: its theoretical and social foundation. Academy of Management Journal, 31 5 , From these findings researcher describes that employees working in respective area mostly belongs to the age group of below 30 and most of them are unmarried. The total number of employees in these six bank branches is 80 out of which 11 employees are female. Sowmya et. This will in turn lead to effectiveness and efficiency in their work which leads to increased productivity. These attitudes are related to the job under condition with such specific factors such as wages, supervisors of employment, conditions of work, social relation on the job, prompt settlement of grievances and fair treatment by employer. Many times, this environment is caused by ineffective management and poor planning. They suggested that salary should be according to job profile and stress level of employees.

In fact there is much difference in the working conditions, salaries paid and incentives being given by the Public Sector and Private Sector banks to their employees, hence the comparative study was undertaken to identify that whether there is difference in the level of job satisfaction of employees in a Public Sector bank and a Private Sector.

Employee turnover is very high and job security is very low. The total number of the sample is 60 employees 30 employees from public sector banks and 30 employees from private sector banks.

This is definitely not a good sign since a large number of officers may be suffering from dislocation and adjustments disorders which not only affect job productivity but also reduce their job satisfaction levels.

Employees also need to know their supervisor's door is always open for them to discuss any concerns they have that are affecting their ability to do their jobs effectively and impeding their satisfaction at the office.

bank employee satisfaction survey

During an employee's annual performance review, a supervisor should map out a path showing her what she needs to accomplish and what new skills she needs to develop in order to be on a track to advancement within the organization.

Fifty percent also believe morale is poor where they work.

Bank employee satisfaction survey

G College, Bokakhat, Assam. Studies have revealed job-satisfaction to be of great significance for effective functioning of any organization. In terms of security, promotion, and welfare policy, there is a clear difference between public and private sector employees. Judgmental sampling is a non probability sampling where the researcher selects units to be sampled based on their knowledge and judgment. The primary data was conducted through structured questionnaire and some personal interview and the secondary data was collected from books, magazines, internet, and newspapers. Apart from job security, management must provide job stability. Gupta SP. To ensure organizational commitment, companies must promote job satisfaction.

It indicates working males are greater than working females in selected area. Where these factors are adverse in nature, performance automatically suffers.

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This type of sampling technique is termed as purposive sampling technique. Concept of job Satisfaction The term job satisfaction has been conceptualized in many ways. The sampling units are accessibleeasy to measure and cooperative.

Thesis job satisfaction bank employees

New Delhi: Sultan Chand and Publication 29th edition. In private sector banks, the environment in highly competitive and job security is based on performance and various other factors. Sowmya et. During an employee's annual performance review, a supervisor should map out a path showing her what she needs to accomplish and what new skills she needs to develop in order to be on a track to advancement within the organization. Abuduaini Wubuli It is subjective in the sense that it cannot be defined by a single measurement alone. Gupta CB Human resource management. Employees may need to be reminded what behaviors are considered inappropriate when interacting with coworkers. In private sector banks, welfare activities are neither well planned nor well executed. The high level of performance of an individual is also based on various factors.
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Job satisfaction in banking a study of private and public sector banks