Value proposition and customer segmentation

Device manufacturers: innovative features which attract both the providers and the patients. Customer jobs — the functional, social and emotional tasks customers are trying to perform, problems they are trying to solve and needs they wish to satisfy. One such desired gain is for smartphones to be easily synced with other devices.

For example, in managing MarketingExperiments Research Partners, I have to speak to executives, developers, designers and analysts.

Let us know in the comments… Related Resources:. Identifying the value proposition on paper is only the first stage. Hence a person purchasing a smartphone will have the minimum expectation that the new phone will let him make and receive phone calls. The customer profiles have few overlaps but due to varying reasons, the organization sees value in investing in appealing to both these diverse segments.

customer segments business model canvas definition

The Value Proposition Canvas was initially developed by Dr Alexander Osterwalder as a framework to ensure that there is a fit between the product and market. If either segment fails, the other will automatically follow suit.

Value proposition canvas

This segment requires, or rather expects, a highly tailored product, custom made to suit their needs. It is serving a two-sided market, identified as Patients and Device Manufacturers. Pains — the negative experiences, emotions and risks that the customer experiences in the process of getting the job done. Most people will aim for the rush of succeeding at a difficult task such as participating in a triathalon or having dinner with their family every night. Device manufacturers: software must have value to providers so they can recommend it to patients; create data management software; FDA process. Customers can be segmented into distinct groups based on needs, behaviors and other traits that they share. Pain relievers — a description of exactly how the product or service alleviates customer pains. This enables core messages and potential areas of improvement to be identified. If your organization is targeting business customers, make sure to evaluate if you have more than one segment coexisting within the business Jobs are chores that customers are trying to complete, issues they are trying to find solutions for or needs they are attempting to fulfill. Device manufacturers: Design, build and sell devices. Think Team Edward vs. Functional Jobs These are specific tasks and results that the customer is trying to achieve and is working towards. A Tastemaker is someone with very specific tastes and is followed by an audience who have similar tastes and look to him for cues on what products to try and what services to adopt.

The more information one has about customer gains, the better the value proposition will appeal to the customer segment. This includes wanting to fit in with a particular crowd socially, or wowing the boss with a presentation at work.

Value proposition and customer segmentation

Jobs Context While evaluating customer jobs, it is equally important to evaluate the context in which the job was performed because the context has the power to impact the job type itself. While creating a customer profile, it is imperative not to begin with the end in mind i. Customer Gains Patients: a bank of information at their fingertips which removes the need for guesswork. Expected Gains These are also basic gains but ones without which the product or service would still fulfill its basic purpose. Core messages are those that are likely to have wide resonance and should feature prominently in marketing literature. Specificity converts, so get specific. It is serving a two-sided market, identified as Patients and Device Manufacturers. Gains can vary from essential to nice to have. Gain relevance A successful entrepreneur needs to be able to evaluate how essential the gain is to the customer. Figure out what tasks your customers are trying to accomplish and mention each on a separate sticky note Pinpoint the pains customers have including the challenges and risks they face Pinpoint the gains the customers would have Rank the jobs, pains and gains in order of relevance and severity for the customer. For example, in managing MarketingExperiments Research Partners, I have to speak to executives, developers, designers and analysts.
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Business model canvas: Customer Segments