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Of course, keep it short and sharp around your main theme. It adds a multi-sensory element to the presentation, breaks it up nicely, and keeps people interested in the content. In a sales, marketing or business presentation, your audience might prefer video of an authentic second interaction with a real customer over a highly produced corporate commercial.

Play around in our video editor for as long as you want and make as many videos as you like.

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Watch on Forbes: 1. Browse our library for scenes, add your text and logo, and customise the colors to suit your brand. Read More. Work out what information your audience will find useful and interesting, and cut everything else. Sound clips fall under royalty-free and free sounds.

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It allows me to create professional animations fast, without having to use After Effects. If you want to impress your audience, incorporate videos into your PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Prezi presentation. The idea is to sidestep the corny and use the right kind of media to create a visual story. As early as Jobs incorporated videos into product launches and keynote presentations. But the best part of the site after the free label are the filters. A good multimedia asset changes the pace of your presentation and can immerse the audience in your storytelling. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation will undermine your professionalism.

Export your video. Keep video clips short Use videos to enhance a lecture or a sales pitch, not to replace it.

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And it lives up to its community feel with an active forum and blog that supports its members. From prankish sounds give the farts a miss in your PPTs to cool sound effects, this site has a good collection.

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20 Sound Clips for Presentations