Violence is a weapon of the

They suffer from disease, chronic illness and complicated sexual and reproductive health concerns.

Weapon of war definition

Analogy of the Mad Dog Someone asked Gandhiji what should be done with a mad dog? A young woman from the Yazidi community in northern Iraq, she was abducted and held captive by the Islamic State just over four years ago. Survivors and their communities deserve recognition for the atrocities that have been committed against them. I would not like to be shot myself, if I went mad. A Nobel Prize for this work means recognising sexual violence as a weapon of war. It meant that one Sikh could stand up to lakh persons against him. Both Nobel laureates are highlighting the need to do more. Research assistants Christiana Lang and Chiara Tulp contributed to this article.

I reviewed post-war sexual violence reports between andof 23 armed actors in sub-Saharan Africa. They are often poorer, less able or likely to access education, training and opportunities.

Murad displays relentless courage as an author, human rights activist, and story teller. The burden Other forms of violence in wartime can linger in the bodies and psyches of men and women for a long time.

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Did it mean that one Sikh could shed as much blood as lakh? Patterns of sexual violence in wartime are extraordinarily varied and complex.

One factor seems to be that easy access to weapons, lootable resources, and financing seems to make armed groups more organisationally incoherent.

Violence is a weapon of the

After all, they and the women and men they champion need resources for health care, education and legal assistance and post-conflict reconstruction. So impunity has to end.

Analogy of the Mad Dog Someone asked Gandhiji what should be done with a mad dog?

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The perpetrators have to investigated and prosecuted. Sexual violence can serve the purpose of humiliation, rewarding recruits, instilling fear or as a mechanism of ethnic cleansing.

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Sexual violence as a weapon of war: why the Nobel Prize for Peace matters