Why did the bolsheviks win the

If I could, I would change the title of my first book, Prelude to Revolution. Second, their armies were made largely of Cossacks who had more narrow local interests, particularly in the South.

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The second reason was Trotsky, who was a brilliant war leader and strategist. Moreover, the history of the party from the time of the February Revolution on revealed the potential for programmatic discord and undisciplined, disorganized activity within Bolshevik ranks.

When did the bolsheviks win the civil war

Along with this centralization came the various political tools at the party's disposal: propaganda, organization, terror. The so-called 'Whites' were counter-revolutionaries through and through, and represented a narrow sector of landlords and businessmen who opposed the Bolsheviks on fundamental grounds. Under the guise of protecting the revolution, this organ gained control of virtually the entire Petrograd garrison, in the process disarming the government without a shot being fired. Thus, it paved the way for the formation of an exclusively Bolshevik soviet government, the Sovnarkom. Thirdly, the Bolshevik soldiers were enthusiastic. Peter Anderson Published in History Review Issue 43 September Reds versus Whites: an Overview At one point during the Civil War, Leon Trotsky, the leader of the Communist Red Army, became so amused by the black market trading of weapons by his opponents, the Whites, that he sent a letter to his enemies thanking them for their help in supplying the Red Army. This led me to a second set of generalizations reflected in the July experience. Public opinion in Petrograd seemed to have swung decisively rightward. So in the aftermath of the Kornilov affair, whether the party would find the requisite strength of will, organizational discipline, and sensitivity to the complexities of the fluid and potentially explosive prevailing situation to take power was still an open question.

The conflict between Bolshevik and 'White' in the South was, thus, mainly a conflict about the political-economy of the South. The Petrograd workers and soldiers who supported the Bolsheviks in the subversion and overthrow of the Provisional Government did so because they were persuaded that the revolution and the congress were in imminent danger.

They were best represented by two armies: one in the south led by Anton Denikin and one in the east led by Alexander Kolchak. Consequently, together with the Left SRs, they began to associate the seizure of power and the creation of an all-socialist coalition government publically with the early convocation of another national Congress of Soviets as a way to take advantage of the legitimacy of soviets at a popular level.

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They introduced rationing and forced the peasants to give food to the government. Recall that in mid-September, Lenin, then still hiding out in Finland, sent two historically momentous letters to the party leadership in Petrograd. Smele, Jon.

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