Why i want to become a police officer

Benefits of being a police officer

A few of the officers I met talked about studying criminal justice in college. Wants to help others. As previously mentioned, these are just some of the most common reasons the police officers I met decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. No matter how small your achievements are, highlight them. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while answering the question: 1. There's no better environment than law enforcement for those who hate monotony. Remember, the post requires a confident person who can stand up for causes and not budge. One day you could be investigating a double homicide and the next apprehending a high profile drug dealer with outstanding warrants for his arrest. Providing stability for their families is so important. Every day is new and exciting One of the best parts of being a cop is the job variety. Although they might not have said it, all of the officers are community leaders.

There's no better environment than law enforcement for those who hate monotony. You'd be hard pressed to find a city, town, county, or state that doesn't employ some type of law enforcement personnel. Overly fearful. Moving every few years, being called to war — these are not for everyone!

why you want to be a officer

Become an officer at age 20 and you could retired by Pay raises are typical as officers put in more and more years of service. So many wanted to serve their community.

good things about being a police officer

Wants to work as part of a reputable and efficient team. Many police officers who retire early are often able to start a new career doing something else they enjoy and love.

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Why Do You Want to Be a Police Officer?